Documentary or Day-in-the-Life sessions are a wonderfully intimate, and uniquely personal way to create family portraits. They are about being witness to, celebrating, and documenting our lives, our loved ones, and our work… just as they are. Just as YOU are. The idea of needing to be perfect or ‘done up’ for the camera is ignored. Instead, I want to focus on capturing for you, authentically and honestly, all the little pieces, the details, the characters and relationships that ultimately make your story, yours. And if you ask me what you should be wearing to do all that – I’ll tell you it doesn’t matter. Truly!


If you are like me, you are probably acutely aware of how fast life changes. You want to slow it down and soak it all up; bottle those special moments, phases and stages, preserving them in your memory so they can never be forgotten. You will want to remember these days, the daily routines, your home, and your best most ordinary things. Because it’s all these things and all these pieces that shape our lives and the lives of our children. And it deserves documenting.

Family Documentary sessions take place in your home or somewhere that is deeply significant to you. The images captured are of you and those closest, doing what you do everyday. From morning wild haired snuggles in your and PJ’s, to crazy breakfasts routines and beyond. Reading stories, playing games, baking cookies with Grandma, fixing the car with Dad, or taking a trip to the lake to fly kites and race leaf boats. Whatever you do, I want to capture you doing it. Exploring, growing, learning and loving. Together.

And before you point out that your home reno isn’t finished, or your house is never tidy; that your kids are missing teeth, or your life is too boring – I promise you, these are bigger reasons to capture your story now, than letting them slip by. Embrace the messy chaotic life that is parenthood and childhood. Step back and see the bigger picture, the importance of it all. Document it. You’ll be so happy that you did.

If you love Documentary Photography as much as I do, and you would like to work with me in this way, I would love to hear from you. You can check out the HOW TO BOOK page for details, or ask me anything via the CONNECT page.