It was so amazing to cross paths with this incredible lady and hear her story. I knew her family were going to be special and I could not wait to meet and photograph them all… especially since they were not into posed family portraits either! “We’re not normal” she says. “PERFECT!” I replied.

So on a warm spring evening, we headed out together to a Sunshine Coast beach. Very lucky to find on arrival we had this cove all to ourselves and that their gorgeous girls could run around, have fun and just be free. Which they did! We were literally there for three minutes and they were covered in sand – but because Mum and Dad are such ace parents, they just kicked off their shoes and joined in too. Soon everyone had windy ocean sprayed hair, sandy fingers and wet clothes. Everything a best day at the beach should be. So many perfect moments unfolded, even without direction, and so much love shown in one little family. A beautiful BEAUTIFUL afternoon where none of us could stop smiling and laughing.

I love photographing stories that are honest and fun, without inhibition. And I love families that embrace the messy, chaotic life that is childhood. The best photos, I believe, are when everyone is happy and relaxed being who they are; true personalities and genuine relationships shining through. So many favourite photos from this day. All the right moments, and all the right feelings.

Thank you team Ward for allowing me to come and capture your family.