Today in celebration of World Photo Day, Nikon New Zealand held events across the country for #IAMNEWZEALAND. Here in Greytown, Nikon New Zealand Ambassador Esther Bunning opened up her beautiful studio and shared her creative techniques with a community of eager passionate photographers. It was a fantastic day of creative exploration and artistry as Esther encouraged us to use and experiment with a huge box of props to shoot through, around and into.

Three models with backgrounds in dance were our subjects for the day, two wearing entries from the Oversew Fashion awards, including Award of Excellence and Haute Couture Winning garment #YOLT by Paul Edgar Bird.

Love too that Nikon brought along some photographic equipment to trial (Hello 85mm lens… You are just lovely)! and that the sun shone long enough for us to venture outside. We wove thought the streets of Greytown to a car park with a big blue shipping container and mother nature’s magic backlight and began to play with textiles and glass, blur and double exposures. I love observing artists create, its such an inspiring environment to be in, and with the 85mm lens on I loved capturing everyone at work.

Back at the studio, unfortunately I couldn’t stay much longer. Quickly admiring Esther’s hand painted walls and falling totally in love with that gold toned dress (and moon globe light), I documented a few behind the scenes with my 35mm before slipping quietly out the door.

HUGE thank you to Nikon and Esther for your generosity and time, and for putting on such a great event. I hope we do it all again next year.