We hiked up the Rimutaka Incline Trail to explore Cross Creek Station for the first time today. I’ve been wanting to come here ever since visiting the FEATHERSTON LOCOMOTIVE MUSEUM where we watched ‘The Incline’, a historical documentary on the gruelling operation of the Rimutaka Hill Train.

Cross Creek existed solely for the operational requirements of the Incline and a small settlement was established near by for the staff. The stories and conditions faced by workers (and passengers) shared in the documentary and on memorial plaques posted at Cross Creek are not for the faint hearted.

Grateful that now days we can travel through the hill by train, and not over it!

Cross Creek and the Rimutaka Incline were decommissioned in late 1955 when the Tunnel was opened. The track was lifted and buildings sold, but evidence of it’s existence clearly remain. I love history!

It was an easy walk on a beautiful Winters day. Picturesque views and our first sighting of a KERERU!