Tonight was the opening of the WAIRARAPA ART SALE, an exhibition and showcase of more than fifty amazingly talented local artists hosted by the Featherston Community Centre. Included in the 2017 exhibition are a few notable names, like SHEYNE TUFFERY and JAKE WALKER, as well as lots of artists showing in the public arena for the very first time.

I’ve be fortunate enough to be involved with the art install this year. It was such a great experience getting to see the behind the scenes efforts, meet a few of the artists, and off course work alongside the movers and shakers of the community who invested their time and skills to make the fundraiser event such a success.

And it was. Opening night a full house in the first hour. Wine and food flowed and guests celebrated just how incredible the quality of art is that is coming out of the South Wairarapa. Sales rung in and it was spectacular to see how many people were truly supportive and enthusiastic about owning original local art. What always makes an event so special for me though, is the people. It’s a beautiful process and a pleasure to witness when a tight-knit community works together to raise one another up like this. It’s just another thing I’m loving about living in small town New Zealand.