Today was his first soccer practice. We arrived early and he wore with pride his Hawkesbury Valley Rugby Club jersey, a gift from our friends in Sydney. I had to remind him it wasn’t like the Hurricanes game he’s watched live a week earlier, that he couldn’t just pick up the ball and run it in his hands. This was a feet only game! “Alright alright alright” he says.

More players arrived, including friends from his school – which completely kicked his excitement level up a notch. Then a box of second-hand ‘boots with things on the bottom’ came out of the club rooms, a blue pair fitting him perfect were bought, and his year was made!

Love watching him enjoying and playing sport. Or at least chasing a ball around the pitch with little regard for direction or bounds. His request to wear his footy boots FOREVER denied, he’s so excited to be able to lace up again for game day. Can’t wait.