Today we drove to Martinborough to check out VENTANA CREATIVE COLLECTIVE, a buzzing creative space that hosts some incredible art and craft workshops (I’ve made a list – I want to do them all!). Featured artists also exhibit in the back of the building, the front a retail space filled with handmade boutique jewellery, homewares and art. It’s genius.

Painter and Printmaker SHEYNE TUFFERY currently occupies the gallery and I’m so grateful to have timed it perfectly, being able to enjoy and take in his work all on my own.

With it’s strong compositions and bold designs, Sheyne’s art is perfectly simple yet exquisitely detailed. Tied together beautifully with native birds and his Samoan heritage, it’s a tough choice, but ‘Future Fales’ is my fave.

Also Ventana… minimalist white brick interior… Ugh! #DREAMSTUDIO